Corporate Bikes

Be a leader....
increase your sustainability effort!

We build your company logo fleet of bikes

The process at a glance

Sustainable companies are looking for ways to decarbonize and reduce their environmental impact. A very tangible step in this direction is to offer internal mobility solutions for employees, management, and clients that delivers a healthy and environmentally friendly transport method from which everyone involved in the company can benefit. Whether your concept is to offer incentives, or a corporate bike sharing concept, we build your own branded bike fleet, that will allow you to position your business positively in your local communities while strengthening your image and visibility.

how it works

Advise you on the Possibilities

You Choose the components and specifications

We build, paint according to specifications

We Provide A service and repair contract

Choose your driving style


City / Trekking


3 wheel




In addition to customizing the frame with your logos, we can compliment the design and functionality with parts that improve performance and style.

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